What's a sig banner?

Sig banners are graphical banners that you put in your signature in forums or what have you, to show your affiliations and/or stats.

I'm a vaper. Why would I want a sig banner?

People who have quit smoking by using e-cigs and personal vaporizers like to use sig banners to show off how much money they've saved and how many smokes they've passed up. The sig banner displays realtime updated stats every time it's shown. Seeing the numbers climb every time you look at the image is great reinforcement and validation of the path you've chosen.

I'm a vendor. Why would I want a sig banner?

Vapers are a fiercely loyal lot, and if you offer a branded sig banner to your clients they'll happily use it to advertise for you every time they make a post in a forum. It's a win/win scenario, they get to brag on their stats while you get more eyes on your brand. The sig banners are generated with linking code that points back to your site, so every sig banner out there for your company is a doorway for new customers.

Ok, I'm sold. What next?

If you're a vaper, pick a generator from the column on the left there and feed it your stats. It'll tell you what to do next. If you're a vendor, contact me for more information.